Turn your LA Bash From Meh To Marvelous: Insider Tips on Navigating Party Rentals

You’re planning to throw a big bash in Los Angeles. The City of Angels also has some of the best party rentals. You can plan a Hollywood style gala or a simple backyard party. It can be difficult to navigate the party rentals world when you’re blindfolded. We’ll talk about the best way to get through this world without going insane (or blowing up your budget). Continue reading?

Let’s start with tables and chairs. Some people might say, “Boring!” Can a dining table be exciting? But, friend, setting up the table is more important than having somewhere for your derriere to be parked. Imagine this: Elegant linens draped across sleek tables. Chairs that say “come sit on me, I’m stylish!” And settings that would make any Instagram feed seem amateur.

Tents are another option. It’s not the tent you used to take camping when you were a kid, that smelled of wet dog or despair. It’s not the same as camping, where you smelled like wet dogs and desperation. We are talking about majestic structures which whisper or shout “fancy events happening here!” The perfect solution for LA’s extreme heat, or a surprise rain shower.

The next step is lighting. Because mood lighting can be used for more than just cozy home date nights. Do you want your fairy lights twinkling in the dark like stars? Perhaps some LED lights to transform your dancefloor into Studio 54. Any space can be transformed from “meh,” to “wow,” with the right lighting.

However, wait. Plan ahead before you fill up your online shopping cart at random. Consider choreographing your dance, where each step must be coordinated. It’s important to plan where your tables will go before they arrive.

Customization? LA is all about making everything personal. LA is known for its love of personalization. From bars and stages that match your theme better than skinny jeans fit on hipsters to event themes that are more tailored, if you dream it someone can probably make it happen.

It’s important to not become overwhelmed with choices. The rabbit hole is full of options. It’s very easy to get lost in the endless choices and end up considering an ice sculptor for your next summer BBQ. Advice? What’s my advice?

We must not forget sustainability, she is becoming increasingly popular on the LA party scene. Reusable bowls are better for Mother Earth than disposable ones, and they also add some class.

Last but not least, don’t forget why we have parties – to bring people together. We want them to make memories. And those last much longer than any Snapchat (no offense Snapchat). These moments are made possible by party rentals. The tools turn a space into a place where people laugh, celebrate, and say “Wow, that was a great night!”

It’s not impossible to throw a Los Angeles-style party, even if you are juggling swords on fire. Remember these tips and you never know what might happen. Who knows, your next event could be the talk in Tinseltown.me.

It’s important to take a step back and appreciate what you see and what lies underneath.